Francey Russell

Francey Russell

Assistant Professor




326A Milbank Hall
Office Hours: Thursdays 1:30pm-2:30pm and by appointment


Francey Russell joined the department in 2019.  She works on issues in moral psychology and ethics broadly construed, often overlapping with topics in social philosophy and aesthetics, and drawing from contemporary and historical sources.  In terms of figures, she works mostly on Kant and Freud, but also Nietzsche and Cavell.  She is writing a book on the concept of self-opacity and its significance for philosophical accounts of agency and moral psychology.  Prof. Russell also writes film criticism, and is working on a project on cinematic aesthetics in genre films.  Before joining Barnard, Prof. Russell was a Postdoctoral Associate in philosophy and the humanities at Yale University.

Interview in The Gadfly: Francey Russell on Cultural Criticism, Academic Style and Film


BA University of Toronto
MA New School for Social Research
PhD University of Chicago

Moral psychology; Ethics; Kant; Freud; Aesthetics

I. Journal Articles

1.     “Kant’s Fantasy.” Mind. Forthcoming.

2.    “Acknowledging Opacity.” Philosophical Topics. Special Issue on Stephen Mulhall. Forthcoming 2023.

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7.     “Strange New Beauty: On Sublimation.” Cincinnati Romance Review (2013) 35.

II. Articles in Edited Collections

1.      “The Opacity of Human Action.” Kant’s Fundamental Assumptions. Eds. Colin Marshall and Colin McLear. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming.

2.     “Opacity.” In “The New Basics: Person. The Philosopher. September, 2022.

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III. Book Reviews

1.     Tamar Schapiro. Feeling Like It: A Theory of Inclination and Will. Oxford University Press, 2021. Philosophical Review (forthcoming 2022).

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