The Major

A major in Philosophy consists of at least 10 courses, as follows:

  1. One course on ancient or early medieval philosophy:
    • PHIL UN 2101 History of Philosophy I: Pre-Socratics through Augustine
    • PHIL UN 3121 Plato
    • PHIL UN 3131 Aristotle
  2. One course on early modern philosophy:
    • PHIL UN 2201 History of Philosophy II: Aquinas through Kant
    • PHIL UN 3237 Late Medieval and Modern Philosophy
    • PHIL UN 3251 Kant 
  3. One course in logic:
    • PHIL UN 3411 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
    • PHIL UN 1401 Introduction to Logic
  4. One course in ethics:
    • PHIL UN 3701 Ethics
  5. One of the following courses:
    • PHIL UN 3601 Metaphysics
    • PHIL UN 3960 Epistemology
  6. The Senior Seminar: PHIL BC 4050 (This course is required for the major and is only offered in the fall semester of each year.)
  7. Either: Senior Thesis (PHIL BC 4051 and 4052)
    OR: One advanced seminar (PHIL UN3912 or a PHIL seminar above 4000, other than PHIL BC4050), plus one elective beyond the two stipulated in 8 (below).
  8. Two electives in addition to the eight courses stipulated above.              
    ('Elective' refers to any PHIL course not used to satisy a major requirement.  Only one course at the 1000-level can be counted towards the ten PHIL courses required by the major.)