Summer Courses

It is very important that any Philosophy course you plan to take in the summer be pre-approved by the Chair of the Philosophy Department if you want to receive transfer credit for it at Barnard. The Barnard Philosophy Department does not award full credit for courses taken at other institutions that do not involve, in addition to exams, a substantial paper-writing component. A typical introductory Philosophy course at Barnard might include a midterm, a final, and two or three paper assignments in which students are expected to interpret, analyze, or construct philosophical arguments (and not merely "report" on the views of others). A Philosophy course that receives full Barnard credit must meet similar standards. It is impossible to know in advance whether a course meets these standards unless the course syllabus, including a clear statement of the written requirements of the course, is approved in advance by the Philosophy Department Chair. In accordance with Barnard College requirements, all summer courses must be given at accredited institutions and meet for at least 5 weeks. No course that meets for less than 35 hours will be approved.