Forums and Reading Groups

Meade Anderson Undergraduate Philosophy Forum 

Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in 716 Philosophy Hall

Each session we hold a discussion on a topic of philosophical interest. 

Discussions do not require specific background knowledge or preparation. They are accessible and informal: everyone has the opportunity to speak but no one is required to.  All undergraduates are welcome to attend.

The 2017-2018 Forum leader is Joe Rabinovitsj (

The 2018-2019 Forum co-leaders will be Daniel Cohen ( and Daniel Driscoll (

The Non-western Philosophy Reading Group

The Non-western Philosophy Reading Group meets roughly every other week for one hour to discuss a single philosophical text from a non-western tradition over the course of a semester. Spring 2018 will focus on the Nāgārjuna (c. 200), perhaps the most important philosopher in the history of Buddhist philosophy whose works survive in Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Classical Chinese. Our primary text is the Vigrahavyāvartanī (Dispeller of Disputes), a dialogue on subjects ranging from metaphysics to negation in the philosophy of language. Additional reading on the subject of the four logical categories (true, false, neither, and both) will also be included. No prior knowledge required. All faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are welcome. 2018-2019 will focus on Classical Chinese philosophy. If interested, please direct emails to Angela Vettikkal (